Meet the team

We are a small team but with a variety of experiences and career backgrounds, which brings a rich diversity to our organisation.

  • Ben Williams

    Senior Project Lead

    No way near as grumpy as he looks!

  • Picture of Christine Sanger

    Christine Sanger

    Project Support Officer

    Cake…Christine loves cake. The only thing that would improve cake, is if she was eating it with Bryan Adams!

  • Dr Michael Roberts

    Design Researcher

    Michael has been experimenting in the kitchen with vegan recipes…wondering if we’ll get to act as guinea pigs and sample the fare!

  • Emily Brook

    Senior Project Lead

    “Likes to be up hills in dodgy weather”…direct quote from Emily herself!

  • James Sinclair

    Chief Operating Officer

    Loves a spreadsheet. Hates our new Care City logo!

  • Julie Atkins

    Community Engagement Lead

    Saxophonist, clown, cartoonist and maker of the best breakfasts in Kent…there is nothing this girl can’t do!

  • Lindsey Carter

    Business Manager

    A rose between two….well, pigs!

  • Matt Skinner


    Skinner, Matt Skinner…

  • Mez Jardiel

    Senior Project Lead

    Mez loves dogs! Dogs that can hike! We all want to see a picture of a dog here though don’t we…not a landscape, so I will see what I can do, to give the audience what they want!

  • Pia Barna

    Project Lead

    Gymnast extraordinaire


  • Rachel Fuller

    Communications Director

    Loves dogs more than…well anything really…!

  • Rahela Begum

    Project Lead

    She may be reading “Little Women”, but this girl is a giant in the Careers World!