Testing digital technologies with pathway redesign in real-world settings

Care City joins Wave 2 Test Bed

Harnessing the potential of innovations to help transform the way in which healthcare is delivered.

Introducing the Test Bed Programme

The Test Bed Programme brought NHS organisations and industry partners together to test combinations of digital technologies with pathway redesign in real-world settings.  The goal is to use the potential of digital technologies to positively transform the way in which healthcare is delivered for patients and carers.

We were successful in participating in both Wave 1 and Wave 2 of the Test Bed, focussing on testing both new digital technology and workforce development innovation.

Ambitions for Wave 1

Testing a combination of devices and software alongside new approaches to service delivery and patient participation, to assess whether we can measurably and sustainably improve the wellbeing and resilience of older people with long term conditions, older people with dementia, and carers.

Ambitions for Wave 2

Using innovation to enhance the work and productivity of junior health and care roles, looking at three enhanced roles, each focused on improving support for people with long-term conditions, including Expert Carers, Digital Prescribers and Administrator Patient Supporters.

Project Stories

Find out about the people involved in this project and how it improved lives.

Wave 1 Evaluation Report

Having initially selected nine innovative interventions to pilot, we conducted substantive tests of three. These technologies were combined with service changes to deliver more effective patient pathways focussed on those at risk of falling, those at risk of stroke and those with unmet health and social needs.

The testing we conducted generated a lot of learning, which is now put to work, improving services in East London and helping solutions to spread beyond our locality. This report details these findings and shares some of our successes, which include the development of a new pathway for finding and treating atrial fibrillation and the roll out of a new social prescribing tool across GP practices in Barking and Dagenham.

Wave 2 Evaluation Report

This evaluation conducted by Nuffield Trust reviewed the outcome of six digital innovations that were implemented in primary care, domiciliary care and an acute hospital cardiac rehabilitation service.

Findings show that workforce roles within domiciliary care and primary care were enhanced in a variety of ways, with staff developing a range of skills including developing confidence in dealing with GPs and primary care teams, and primary care staff reported greater understanding and confidence in using digital health applications. Feedback from staff involved in the Test Bed indicated that people felt empowered to have more options to offer to patients.


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