Developing new roles in social care to increase nursing and AHP support capacity in NEL

Creating a framework for sustainable co-delivery of nursing and AHP services between care providers and NHS Trusts in North East London.

With our partners BHR CEPN we have been awarded funding from the Rayne Foundation to create a framework for sustainable co-delivery of nursing and AHP services between care providers and NHS Trusts that can be further scaled up within North East London and replicated across the UK.  

The funding, along with partner contributions, will also be used to fund Nursing Associate and AHP assistant practitioner roles in care settings, and ‘grow our own’ experienced care staff into these new roles.

Why is this needed?

Our work previously piloting Nursing Associates in non-nursing care homes and AHP Enablement Champions in care homes has helped us recognise the inequity in available support for apprenticeship delivery between health and care.

Barriers to this have been cited as a lack of adapted commissioning models to create and support enhanced roles within the care setting and a need for available and agreed-upon governance structures to facilitate cross-organisational delegation and supervision that don’t readily exist. In addition, whilst care staff have completed apprenticeships and qualified, the lack of sustainable funding has hindered the creation of actual enhanced roles for them to move into and deliver the greatest benefit.

Funding from the Rayne Foundation combined with partner contributions will be used to develop a sustainable system of training, governance, and funding to deliver career and development opportunities within the care sector, support integration and improve the experience of people drawing on care.

Aims of the project

The project will create Nursing Associates and AHP Assistant Practitioners, who will be employed by care providers but work closely with NHS Trust colleagues who will delegate health interventions to these roles.

Building on the learning and partnerships generated through our earlier pilots in NEL the project will focus on:

What will success look like?

The project has significant potential impact as it creates, tests and embeds the framework for a new integrated way of working. Benefits include:  

We’ve already seen success

One of our first cohort of Apprentice Nursing Associates, Ajeesh Thomas, a care worker from East London was recognised for his outstanding performance and contribution to the health and safety of his care home residents. He received a Chief Nurse Adult Social Care award from Deborah Sturdy.

Our first eight Enablement Champions graduated from the Programme, all achieving a Level 4 Lead Practitioner in Adult Care Apprenticeship and a Level 4 Diploma in Adult Care and are recognised as champions and influencers in delivery of rehabilitation and reablement.

I’ve worked as a care worker for 20 years. I’ve not had the opportunity to study until now. This has given me the opportunity to develop new skills, do better in my job and for the first time think about the future of my career.

Enablement Champion

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