Test Bed Participant Stories

Participant stories from our involvement as an Innovation Test Bed.

As a Test Bed for Wave 1 of the NHS England and Office for Life Sciences Programme, we sought to test a combination of devices and software alongside new approaches to service delivery and patient participation, to assess whether we can measurably and sustainably improve the wellbeing and resilience of older people with long term conditions, older people with dementia, and carers.

Amir’s Story

Amir was keen for his pharmacy to to test new ways of working to help improve their service. He wanted to build a stronger network within the local community by improving the pharmacy’s connections with GPs.

Dawn’s Story

The last time she went to the pharmacy, the pharmacist who knows Dawn very well asked if she’d like to have her pulse checked. She was happy to have the test done and was impressed with the technology.

Mrs Smith’s Story

Whenever her mother Mary opens the front door, Mrs Smith receives a notification on her phone. She usually calls her mum to check who was at the door and that everything is alright. Mrs Smith feels that she probably doesn’t need to go over to her mum’s quite as much now because she “can keep an eye from afar”.

Lisa’s Story

Lisa was motivated to join the Test Bed pilot because she sees the value in early detection and diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation. Having worked in cardiology for a long time, Lisa has witnessed the impact illnesses and conditions can have on a patient’s whole family.

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