E-learning for depression in older adults

Developing resources for those caring for older adults to recognise symptoms and support conversations around depression.

Depression is a common condition that can have a real impact on older adults’ well-being. The NHS Older Adult’s Mental Health Team commissioned EL Learning Design to create a new e-learning resource – ‘Make a Difference’ to help those caring for older adults recognise the symptoms and support conversations that may initially feel quite daunting. It has been developed for anyone providing care/support to older people. That includes those working in the community, in care homes, in social care, in voluntary services and those working in the NHS in any setting.

Care City supported EL Learning Design with the development of these resources by being part of the steering group and content development. Val, a member of our Community Board, is featured in the resources and was also part of the steering group.

The full set of e-learning resources can be accessed from the NHS Learning Hub https://learninghub.nhs.uk/Catalogue/olderadultsmentalhealth

The videos and podcasts produced as part of this learning can be accessed through YouTube and Spotify:

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/@MakeADifference-23

Podcasts: https://open.spotify.com/show/3QcIUhUN3FpJ3bmJNNFoQs

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