Digital Maturity in Health & Social Care

Exploring how organisation-level digital maturity can support health and social care innovations.

We were delighted to contribute to Maldaba’s webinar on digital maturity in health and social care. The event was chaired by Daniel Casson from Casson Consulting, with a panel made up of Maldaba co-founder Lorenzo Gordon, Emma Nichols from ECN Consulting, and our very own Senior Project Lead, Ben Williams.

The discussion was centred around governance, culture change and impact. The message is to work on expanding digital maturity by putting people at the centre of your innovation, and identifying champions to drive culture change. For health and social care organisations, digital maturity growth should be informed by a vision of what that change needs to look like. The approach should be to identify the change you want to achieve, work out the pathways to get there and the technology which will help you do so.

Watch a recording of the session below.

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