A new role to bridge the gap between Care Workers and Registered Nurses

L-R: Deborah Sturdy, Ajeesh Thomas, Grace Key, Beverley Manzar & Richard Key

Introducing a new pathway for Apprentice Nursing Associates.

A nursing associate is a new member of the nursing team who can provide care and treatment in a wide range of health and care settings. The role is being used and regulated in England and it’s intended to address a skills gap between unregulated health and care assistants and registered nurses. The benefits of having a Nursing Associate include:

Our project saw us enrol four care workers from East London as Apprentice Nursing Associates (ANA) at the University of East London. We developed and tested a workforce model for ‘arms-length supervision’ for the providers, integrating and collaborating with healthcare professionals currently involved within the care home and domiciliary care to provide support for nurse supervision. This enabled domiciliary care and care home providers without Registered Nurses on the team to employ Apprentice Nursing Associates (ANAs) and subsequently Registered Nursing Associates.  

“I have been a carer for 20 years. I love my job and the feeling of looking after others. I have learnt so many skills over the years and worked my way up to a senior carer giving me more responsibility and sharing my skill and knowledge with new staff.

I am so excited to start the Apprentice Nursing Associate programme as I feel this is the next step for me in my career, and with having a young son I felt that I wouldn’t be able to go to university. However the ANA programme has given me the opportunity to progress into a role I have always aspired to do”.

Gisele Bolozi, Carer, Lodge Group Care

The model will support care providers to remodel their workforce to include clinical staff and support the development of a learning culture regarding work-based learning, supervision and support. In addition it will provide professional development opportunities for existing Registered Nurses which link with care providers to provide clinical supervision and support in line with Nursing and Midwifery Council standards and university requirements for the Apprentice Nursing Associate programme. Benefits include:

Recognition at Adult Social Care Awards

Ajeesh Thomas, a care worker at Ebury Court and one of our Apprentice Nursing Associates was recognised for his outstanding performance and contribution to the health and safety of the care home residents he supports, at the Chief Nurse Adult Social Care awards.

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