Understanding reasons for loneliness and isolation

We’re working hard with our partners Ageable & BD_Collective and an amazing group of Barking & Dagenham residents to understand how we can harness the power of community to overcome social isolation and build spaces for connection and friendship.

Understanding the triggers and reasons behind people feeling lonely is key. Understanding people’s individual stories in order to develop a personalised approach to help people with their recovery is key to success.

Grace’s Story

Grace has a wheelchair and lives with a condition that affects her nervous system as well as a dust allergy. She needs someone to help her day by day. Read more.

Harry’s Story

Harry lives alone and ended up in and out of the hospital quite a lot. He lives with MS. Carers found an unread letter, that if acted upon, meant he may not have had to go into hospital. Read more.

William’s Story

William lives alone. He doesn’t see members of his family often, but gets occasional phone calls from brothers. He has a few friends he sees occasionally, but is embarrassed about his messy flat. Read more.