Avril McIntyre

A community leader with a proven track record.  During her 13 year role as Chief Executive of LifeLine Community Projects, it grew from grassroots to a charity with an annual turnover of £5million equipping people for life and work through a range of services including employability programmes, family support and mentoring.  

Since then, she has led the team at Community Resources, a charity which mobilises people to find solutions to the problems faced in their community.  Based in Barking & Dagenham, initiatives developed by volunteers seek to tackle the issues primarily caused by poverty and isolation.  Seven years on, 3 of the initial projects are now having significant impact; 2 have been replicated nationally.  

Over the last 5 years, Avril was the Chair of BD_Collective, the local social sector infrastructure entity for Barking & Dagenham.   Stepping back from this role, Avril has a strategic role, shaping place based work both locally and beyond.