Utilisation & community improvements at Porters Avenue

Working with staff and residents to explore and test different ways of improving business & community use of Porters Avenue Health Centre.

As part of renewing its estate strategy, North East London’s Integrated Care Board (ICB) is currently reviewing different NHS buildings in the borough to understand whether they are being used to their full potential. 

Porters Avenue Health Centre has been identified as a building that is underutilised and we have been brought in to engage with staff and local residents to better understand what could be done to make best use of the existing spaces.

Our Approach

During the initial engagement phase, we identified sets of urgent and impactful recommendations from staff and residents. These were suggestions that they would like to see implemented at Porters Avenue in order to improve current usage and encourage residents to see it as a welcoming and effective community space.

What staff and residents told us

Through a series of interviews, focus groups, community events, pop up engagement and surveys with both residents and staff at Porters Avenue, a number of interesting insights, ideas and improvements were recognised.

The space itself is great and has lots of potential.

Resident feedback

The next step will be a testing phase, where testing teams will be set up to realise the recommended changes. These teams include a community member, a staff member and a member of the project steering group.

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