Longitude Prize on Dementia Discovery Award winners for development of virtual ‘yellow brick road’

Along with our partners Dorothy and TPXimpact, we have been named as joint semi-finalists for the prestigious International Longitude Prize on Dementia for ‘The Dorothy Community.’

The Longitude Prize on Dementia drives the creation of personalised, technology-based tools that are co-created with people living with dementia, helping them continue to live fulfilling lives, doing the things they enjoy.

People living with dementia told us they want to live independently, access their community, socialise with friends, and continue to participate in activities they enjoy doing. But many we spoke to do not go out as they or those who care for them are concerned about the struggle to navigate places.

Traditionally, the Dorothy app, a wayfinding technology innovation, has been used within Care Homes. It uses Augmented Reality (AR) to create a digital yellow brick road , helping people to find their way around the home and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide reminders of daily tasks, such as taking medication – all while keeping them connected to their care-giver. 

Care City CIC is thrilled to have won an award to build on the Dorothy App prototype. Expanding the scope of this technology for use in a variety of environments will allow us to grow the Dorothy community and help more people living with dementia to regain some of their independence and confidence.

Matt Skinner, CEO, Care City

The prize money will be used to develop the app into a platform, ‘The Dorothy Community,’ where community spaces such as shops, parks and museums, can offer navigation, enabling people with dementia or memory loss to find their way around and physically navigate through their community without further support.

Dementia is one of the biggest health challenges of our time, which is why we are proud to be supporting Care City and Dorothy in testing if Dorothy can help people live more independently. This disease affects such a wide range of people, and through working together to create this innovative, forward thinking solution, we can take an important step in improving the lives, experiences and outcomes of those living with dementia.

David Robson, Lead Service Designer, TPXimpact

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Email us if you are a venue that would like to offer this service and help us test Dorothy, or a person living with dementia who would like to help us test Dorothy.

To find out more about the Longitude Prize on Dementia and the 24 Discovery Award winners progressing to the semi-finals of the prize, visit dementia.longitudeprize.org   

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